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Exide MC batteri

kr 1 630
SKU: 012
Voltage (V) : 12 Capacity (Ah) : 19 Length (mm) : 185 Width (mm) : 80 Height (mm) : 170


kr 922
SKU: 054
West Coast  Heavy-weight, double-layered hoodie with high collar, made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, with fully embroidered gangscript logo on the chest and Choppers por Vida hit at the back to keep you warm on colder days. Fits: > Male; EU size

Spectro L.SP415 Platinum 4 Full Synthetic 10w50, 1 Liter

kr 292
SKU: 741337
Finally one single lubricant in stead of 3 different oils for engine, transmission, and primary. Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum advanced full synthetic motorcycle lubricant is specifically designed to handle all the difficult and unique lubrication tasks in modern American-made V-Twin motorcycles, air cooled as well as liquid cooled. •For use in all Evolution, Twin Cam, and V-Rod engines new or used •For use in all Evolution, Twin Cam, and V-Rod transmissions, providing smooth and quiet shifting •For use in all Evolution, Twin Cam, and V-Rod primary chain cases and wet clutches Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic is a blend of PAO synthetic base oils with Spectro's new Spectra-Syn technology and the latest A.P.I. SH/CF-4 CG-4 technology additive package fortified with additional anti-wear and anti-foam additives to provide smooth shifting characteristics in motorcycles with transmissions that share the engine lubricant and motorcycles with separate transmissions and clutch cases. Now, you can use one lubricant for all three applications. Since Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic uses no Viscosity Index improvers, there is virtually no viscosity breakdown in a motorcycle gearbox or clutch case environment. It Is the ideal choice for all four-stroke V-Twin motorcycles where a full synthetic, high performance oil is desired for touring, competition, and long distance use. Observe manufacturers' recommendations for viscosity and change intervals. Recommended for use wherever an A.P.I., SF, SG, SH or CF-4 and CG-4 oil is specified. Exceeds Harley warranty requirements including the HD 360 standard as well as petroleum industry standards A.P.I SF, SG, SH, and is A.P.I. CF-4 & CG-4 approved.


kr 85
SKU: 508662
Passer: 84-99 Big Twin Modeller (Evo B.T.). 75-79 FX 75-E81 Big Twin modeller (Shovel) (5R6A). 14mm threaded, long reach.  Used with 21mm spark plug socket. Repl. RA6HC and also replaces 32310-77 (5R6A / 5A6).

HDmechanic utfører vinterlagring service deler, dekk og utstyr til Harley-davidson. vedlikehold og eparasjoner på alle motorsykler.
Utbedringer, ombygging. Godkjent verksted.

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