Replacement parts, Stainless Steel push button switch

kr 243

Not just another custom product but a high quality custom handlebar control kit that can compete on the market. There are more on the market but none of them offer such a high quality in design and finish for such an affordable price. CNC machined from solid billet aluminum with a tribal engraved in the master cylinder top cover these controls do very well on any custom bike. Kits come complete with handlebar brake master cylinder, clutch lever assembly for cable operated clutch or handlebar clutch master cylinder and push button switches. Brake master cylinders are 5/8″ bore, a bore size that works well with most single and dual disc brakes. Clutch master cylinders are 9/16″ bore, a bore size that works well with most hydraulic clutch slave cylinders. Kits are available in high luster polished, black coated or chrome plated.

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