For use with aftermarket Calipers on FL/FX 1973-1980 rear, FL front 1972-1984 and FL/XL 1973 front. Has 10″ outer dia., 2″ inner dia. and 3/8″ counterbore mounting holes (OEM 41806-72B & 41813-79). Check clearance for floaters when used with OEM Calipers

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Lightweight high-performance Stainless Steel disc brake rotors that provide maximum braking performance. These “Top of the Line” rotors are manufactured to the highest standards using the best materials available. Can be used in combination with the stock calipers (unless mentioned otherwise). If you really want ultimate stopping power, these rotors should be used in combination with our 4 piston GMA calipers. The combination of these disc brake rotors with the 4 Piston calipers provides consistently smooth braking power while allowing the disc to expand without any distortion even under high heat conditions from extreme hard braking. These Full-Floating disc rotors come standard with lightning holes and have a polished finish.

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