Set of 42 chrome spoke nipples as included in Genuine Zodiac spoke kits. Nipples are 2.25mm longer than most OEM Harley nipples

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Zodiac offers the wheel builder a complete selection of top quality spokes in both polished Stainless Steel and Chrome plated carbon-steel sets. Combining outstanding strength with light weight and flexibility, the selection of spokes covers virtually every application from replacing original equipment to creating a complete new custom wheel. We even have spokes for those who want to convert their 19″ or 21″ Narrow Glide front end with aluminum disc hub into a 16″ wheel. Packaged and sold per kit (to lace one wheel). Note: Harley changed the rim design and spoke pattern in 2005 without changing the part numbers for the rims. The 2005-up design rims require longer spokes, reason why they refer to new part numbers for the spokes. Kits contain 40 spokes and nipples. Order 2 sets for 80 hole rims, or 3 sets for 120 hole rims.

Note: Stainless steel spokes and nipples are made from different types stainless material to minimize their seizing to each other, however, we strongly recommend the use of an anti-seize compound when assembling these spokes.

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