RBS Straight Handlebar Speedo/Tacho comboSpeedo and tacho integrated in a billet aluminum bracket that bolts straight on 1973 to present models with 3 1/2″ (89mm) center-to-center risers with offset mounting holes. The bracket is 5 1/2″ (140mm) long, 5 11/16″ (144mm) wide and 3 19/32″ (91mm) deep. Features indicator light bores., Polished

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RBS digital mini speedo’s and tacho’s are available with a variety of billet aluminum mounting brackets. The digital gauge is 2 13/32″ (61mm) in diameter and 2 3/32″ (57mm) long. These meters feature a LCD display with blue LED back illumination. The speedometer shows your choice of speed, odo or trip meter, the tachometer shows RPM or ambient temperature. You can select between these options by use of the 2-switch mechanism on the back of the instrument. Speedo-sensor required installation materials and instruction manual are included.

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