Fits all models with single or dual disc applications 1984 thru 1999. Disc has 11.5″ outer diameter, 2″ inner diameter and 5/16″ counterbore mounting holes., Disc brake rotor (OEM 44136-84A)

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Produced by one of the most sophisticated manufacturers of disc brake rotors in Europe, if not the world. Using the latest technology in computer design and manufacturing of high friction Stainless Steel materials they are making the best looking High Performance discs available today. These rotors include a special Stainless Steel & carbon content mixture to keep the rotors from warping, gives them a high braking co-efficient of friction, and allows them to dissipate heat better. The exclusive design and the show quality polished finish make them to a real eye-catcher too. The ultimate high performance rotors for your Harley. Note: Front disc rotors with 5/16″ counter bore mounting holes can also be used for rear application when mounting holes are drilled to 3/8″.

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