Legend, støtdempere Road glide 2015 – 2022

13″ long. The latest developments in air suspension for H-D models, offering one of the best possible rides man could wish for. Comes self adjusting deflective disc dampening and the latest Aramid Fiber air spring technology to maximize travel and provide full adjustable ride height at the same time. It’s like having 12″ and 13″ shocks in one. Smooth no-stick damping due to low friction seals and quick reactions on fluid flow management with High Flow fluid pistons. Includes the pre-wired air compressor, with a model specific under chassis mount, a plug-in wiring harness with 3 Deutsch connectors and a black handlebar switch. – Air suspension offers a number of benefits over coil springs, particularly with adjustability – Lower your seat height while parked – Quick switch between 1-up and 2-up riding – Get that cool, low look – Air suspension handles it with the push of a button Note: Compatible with stock low (lowered) models. Note: See 954742 for the optional chrome handlebar switch to replace the included black switch.

Fits: > 15-22 Road Glide

kr 29 100

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