Fitch “Fuel Catalyst” permanent fuel treatment

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Instead of adding a Fuel Conditioner or Fuel Stabilizer every time you fill up your bike, this is a close to permanent solution. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates commercial grade fuel, including E5 and E10, allowing for more complete combustion. This greater efficiency reduces the amount of fuel needed to do the same work and increases horsepower and torque. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst helps keep your fuel in good condition when you store your bike for a longer period of time, even with E10. It also eliminates the need for stabilizers and other fuel additives The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is warranted for 350,000 km or 5,000 operating hours, effectively the life of your engine. Comes in a package of two for both single and split tank applications. Also great for ATV’s, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, lawn mowers and anything else that burns fuel.

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