EBC-HH RR brake pads Indian 09-13

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Zodiac offers the most extensive line of high quality brake pads for all disc brake models 1972 to present. These pads are available in a variety of compositions for applications from Highway Touring to Full Race. The Genuine Zodiac pads are available in two qualities, Sintered style and Kevlar. The sintered Genuine Zodiac pads are tested and approved under the most severe conditions. The sintered material has a high friction level and offers superior heat transfer, which prevents brake fading. Test results of the Kevlar pads show that these pads last much longer, and provide increased stopping power. Kevlar material has a very high frictional level, resulting in a light response feel on the brakes whether operated in the wet or dry. We also offer two qualities of the SBS (Scandinavian Brake Systems) brake pads. These pads are EC and DOT approved and are famous for consistency and performance under any conditions and feature a visible wear limit indicator. Besides these high quality stock replacement pads, SBS offers high friction “Excel Sinter Street” metal sintered brake pads. These brake pads are designed for use in calipers that were originally equipped with sintered pads. All pads are asbestos free. Apart from “Genuine Zodiac and SBS brake pads we also have EBC brake pads. EBC brake pads come in Organic/Aramid mix, V-series Semi-Sintered that provide the life of a sintered brake pad with the brake feel of an organic pad. They also give zero brake noise with lower heat transfer and less rotor abrasion. These pads are easy to recognize because of the red painted backing plates. VLD-Series are the same compound as V-Series but feature chrome plated backing plates. HH Full Sintered pads provide exterem stopping power and very long lifetime and are best used on heat treated stainless steel discs.

Note: All our Genuine Zodiac, SBS and EBC brake pads are EC and DOT approved.

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