Narrow Band style, fits front on all 2000-2013 Sportster, 2000-2014 Softail, 2000-2005 Dyna and 2000-2007 Touring with aftermarket calipers Disc has 11 1/2″ outer diameter, 2 7/32″ inner diameter and five 5/16″ counter bore mounting holes, 5-button full floater, polished

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EBC produces a complete range of floating and non-floating disc brake rotors for modern Big Twins and Sportsters. EBC rotors are made in the UK using stainless steel for the brake rotor itself and polished or black stainless steel center hubs. EBC has opted for stainless steel center hubs due to the weight and heavy duty nature of larger American motorcycles. Floating rotors are assembled using the unique EBC SD System square drive button technology. EBC front floating rotors feature 5 buttons whereas rear rotors include 10 drive buttons to provide a sturdy looking and robust unit worthy of its heavy duty application. EBC strongly recommends to always use new pads when replacing rotors as the use of old or worn pads can cause hot spots or glazing of the rotor and will promote brake fade and loss of brake. EBC brake pads can be found elsewhere in this catalog. EBC offers a range of 5 spoke solid brake rotors and a choice of 5 spoke floating rotors in full circle rotor design or contoured profile rotor design. Discs are available in “Wide Band” for use with stock or stock style calipers or “Narrow Band” for use with aftermarket calipers.

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