Fits rear on 2008-2013 XR1200, and all 2011 to present Sportster. Disc has 10.16″ (25.8cm) outer diameter, 2 7/32″ (5.6cm) inner diameter and 3/8″ counter bore mounting holes (OEM 41833-08)

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EBC makes these rotors from what they call “billet steel”. This steel is less hard than OEM discs and the use of EBC V-series brake pads is strongly recommended to avoid rotor galling. EBC V-series brake pads provide the life of a sintered brake pad with the brake feel of an organic pad. They also give zero brake noise with lower heat transfer and less rotor abrasion. V-series pads are listed in the brake pad section and are available for most applications. These pads are easy to recognize because of the red painted or chrome plated backing plates. Discs are solid mount unless indicated differently.

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