Fits Buell 1995-2002 Thunderbolt, 1997-2002 Cyclone M2, 2006-2010 Lightning, 2006-2010 Ulysess, 2008-2010 1125R, 1986-2022 Evolution Sportster XL and XR, 1999-2017 Twin Cam, 2002-2017 V-Rod, S&S X-Wedge, S&S 4 1/8″ bore engines, E3.36 spark plug, each (OEM 32362-04)

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The E3 unique ground electrode incorporates the combined benefits of several known performance plug types as well as new science based upon years of spark plug research. The three main performance components that determine how the E3 DiamondFIRE configuration works are:

● Open Ground Electrode Design
This mimics surface gap spark plugs like the type used in rotary engines which directs the flame kernel to the piston more directly than traditional J-wire designs. This design reduces the travel time from the spark zone to the chamber containing the compressed gases. The opened section at the top of the electrode avoids the creation of the doughnut shaped flame kernel known from standard plugs. Given the short amount of time available to get combustion started, the faster you can direct the flame to the area above the piston, the better the burn.

● Forward Projection into Spark Zone
With retracted plug designs, the generated spark lies against the top of the combustion chamber surface. The E3 ground electrode is designed to project farther forward into the combustion chamber. This brings the spark zone closer to areas of probable good air-fuel mixture. The outward projection also creates beneficial “micro-aerodynamics” within the spark zone. Since the initial combustion wave leaves the spark area at supersonic speeds, the elevated edge of the E3 electrode provides somewhat of a chimney effect as the next air-fuel mixture enters the spark zone.

● Edge-to-Edge Spark Discharge
The strongest part of the E3 electrode design is the forced Edge-to-Edge spark discharge, which was proven to be the best way to direct a spark as it leaves the electrode’s surface. Since the spark itself occurs only when an avalanche of electrons migrates from the two electrodes (cathode to anode), sharp edges are better at initiating migrations, and accelerated electrons collide inside the spark zone.

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