DOT 4 Bremseveske


12 oz. bottle (355 cc)

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Golden Spectro Supreme DOT 4 is a synthetic high-temperature brake fluid surpassing all other leading brands with its much higher wet boiling point.

A Superior Synthetic High Temperature Brake Fluid;
•Surpasses the new DOT 5.1 specifications
•Designed for modern motorcycle braking systems and the most demanding riding conditions
•Especially suitable for A.B.S. systems
•Unlike silicone DOT 5 fluids, it can be mixed with all brake fluids conforming to U.S. FMVSS DOT 3 and DOT 4
•Will last up to 3 years in High Performance conditions

Golden Spectro Synthetic Supreme DOT 4 fluid will work in all disc brake systems designed for use with DOT 3, DOT 4 fluids. Highly recommended for use in A.B.S. systems. Golden Spectro Supreme DOT 4 is a glycol-ether synthetic ester brake fluid that offers the same high-performance as silicone DOT 5 fluids without the air absorbing tendency and at a much reduced price. Available in cartons with 12 plastic bottles, or each. Bottles contain 12 oz (355cc).

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