Fits all models with single or dual disc applications 1984 thru 1999. Rotor has 11.5″ outer diameter, 2″ inner diameter and 5/16″ counterbore mounting holes (OEM 44136- 84A)., Plain Stainless Steel

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Available in both a high quality heat treated steel and a high-performance chromium alloyed Stainless Steel. Rotors are precision ground for trueness. Stainless steel rotors are surface induction hardened with a 12-14% chrome contents for superior wear characteristics on full standard A1S1 #420 Stainless Steel plate. Steel rotors are heat treated for stress release, wear resistance and guaranteed hardness. All are available in plain and drilled style and are compatible with all types disc brake pads including sintered metal. Drilled rotors provide better braking in wet weather, reduce weight and have a better heat transfer.

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