Fits 1954 thru 1966 KH and Sportster, Set of 3 chome oil tank hose fitting

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These DETACHABLE oil lines are extremeley flexible hoses with a high resistance to kinking. As you know from your garden hose no water will come out when you have got a kink there, imagine what will happen to your engine when you don’t get any oil to it! Lines are attached and locked by inserting the connector sleeve into the line and than pushing the line into the connector. Disconnecting is almost as easy, with the exception that you have to press the hose flange and than pull the line out. These oil lines are available in thru and thru colored PU, or PU covered with a bright shining stainless steel braid. Note that the oil pump and engine connectors are specific for use with the PU oil line or for use with the braided stainless steel line. Braided stainless steel oil lines are available as kits of 3 oil lines for most Big Twin models. Kits for Twin Cam models have the oil tank adapters installed, for this application you have to order the engine adapters separately. For custom applications we have individual engine connectors, as well as sets with 3 braided stainless steel oil lines of the same length, or thru and thru colored PU oil line in lengths of 2 meters available. Oil line and fittings are made by one of Europe’s leading automotive hose suppliers.

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