EBC Brake pads Billet 4 (2pack)

kr 235

Many Harley riders improve the braking capacity of their bike by fitting after market calipers. This table makes it easier for you to see what you have to order when you need replacement brake pads. We offer stock replacement pad sets for PM and most GMA calipers, EBC pads in Organic/Aramid mix, HH sintered copper alloy, and V Semi-sintered,a s well as SBS brake pads in Sinter/Ceramic and Carbon Tech. These pads are EC, DOT and R.F.A. approved and are famous for consistency and performance under any condition and feature a visible wear limit indicator. We have mentioned the caliper brand and model for all calipers in our range, but many of these pads also fit other makes of calipers as well. The pictures and dimensions will help you to order. Pads are supplied in pairs.

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