Fits front on all single and dual disc 2000 thru 2013 Sportster, 2000 thru 2007 Touring, 2000 thru 2005 Dyna and 2000-2014 Softail. Fits rear on 2000 thru 2010 Sportster, 2011 Sportster with wire wheels, 2000-2017 Dyna and Softail and 2000 thru 2007 Touring. Rotor has 11 1/2″ outer diameter, 2.22″ inner diameter and 3/8″ counter bore mounting holes with reduction sleeves for use with 5/16″ bolts., Polished

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Besides their high-end brake calipers Beringer also manufactures a range of high performance cast iron floating brake discs. These use a gray cast iron brake surface, a material universally used by manufacturers of high performance discs. However, Beringer has developed a chemical composition, casting process and heat treatment to provide the discs with an exceptional performance quality. The specific cast iron structure allows a faster dissipation of the heat compared to any cast iron or stainless steel discs, while accepting far higher temperature than any other material. Furthermore, the use of this material allows narrow outer bands, thus saves up to 20% weight. The surface of the cast iron outer band is covered with special aluminum plasma to prevent the disc from corrosion and to allow the usage of any sintered metal pad. This very fine grain surface increases braking power up to 40% and is subject to very little wear to extend the lifetime. Classic discs feature perforated cast iron outer bands with a CNC machined aluminum carrier, which is attached to the outer band with 12 steel low-friction studs. Carriers are available in chrome, polished or black anodized. Discs provide excellent braking with either organic or sintered pads.

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