Beringer 4-piston caliper 84-99 Rght Pol

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Beringer is manufacturing brake systems for more than 15 years and are appreciated by many factory and private racing teams for their exceptional reliability. The company achieved a decisive technological advantage because of their patented innovations. Beringer is also extensively engineering braking systems for any other motorcycle. Beringer brake systems are produced according to ISO 9001 and are approved. Their brake calipers are made out of aircraft quality aluminum, the same material as being used on wings of supersonic planes. This aluminum combines reduced weight and resistance to deformation, even at high temperatures. The pistons are made of stainless alloy. Stainless alloy only conducts one thirteenth of the heat conducted by aluminum, thus perfectly isolates the calipers from the heat generated by the brake pads. Furthermore, the stainless alloy pistons eliminate the possibility of corrosion. All calipers are CNC machined to meet the highest standards and guarantee optimized material thickness. Beringer calipers distinguish in incisive braking power with a very short response time. More aggressive and stronger braking is achieved at constant lever travel. With these calipers, only 16.5 bar pressure is needed to perform as good as 20 bar with other calipers to reach similar braking power. Calipers are available for front and rear in either 4-piston or 6-piston versions in polished, black anodized or chromed.

Beringer 4-Piston calipers
Feature a classic guiding of the brake pads. Intended for motorcycles with moderate dissipation of braking energy. These calipers represent an economic alternative for the 6-piston version in terms of quality, weight and performance characteristics. Available with- or without brackets for various models.

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