3.00 X 16 FRONT WHEEL 40 SPOKES CHROME forhjul felg eiker

Chrome plated 40-spoke replacement spoke wheel, laced and trued. Seals are installed, bearing spacing is pre-set and wheel is ready for installation. Wider than stock wheels are for wide tire applications. An OEM fitment may not be applicable due to OEM width restrictions in fender, belt, etc. Note: For all wire wheels it is advised to check spoke tension before installing the tire. After approx. 250km the spoke tension must be checked again to insure a correct spoke tension. After each 5000km, or as part of regular maintenance, a spoke-check is advised to insure spoke tension is still correct.

Fits: > 08-17 FLT, FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX (No ABS)

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