Flat type exhaust port gaskets, 1984-1991 & 2009 to present style (OEM 65324-83), Two side metal covered, Athena, dealer 10-pack

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Introduced on the 1984 Evolution Big Twin as a flat gasket (OEM 65324-83), than changed to an internal conical shape in 1992 (OEM 65324-83A), and than The Factory changed back to the flat type in 2009. Harley even offers a flat type knitted stainless steel wire type as a set of 2 (OEM 17048-98) The flat type is preferred by many because of their better flow characteristics, others prefer the conical type because of its better sealing. No matter which style you prefer, they fit all air cooled Buell models, Evolution Sportsters, Evolution Big-Twins, Twin Cam models, Milwaukee-Eight and S&S X-Wedge.

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